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Me looking mildly photoshopped

I am Dante Harker, I’m a northern UK man with an Italian name. I’m not Italian, which is a shame as I would be much better looking I think if I were.

I’m phobic of living a life without adventure, of living a life that’s not well lived. I want to do and see as much as I can.

Of course that takes money, so in between doing the more adventurous things I work for a charity while I decide on where in the world I want to go next.

There is a much better bio of me here – it’s a lot less wittering than these few lines.

Escape the Race



I think when Escape the Race comes out that will be novel number five, well five ish. I have a couple started and one that needs a huge amount of editing, so it’s hard to keep track. Either way, they are a decent read so you should take a look here for more details.


Play maskI love the idea of seeing my work performed on stage. It’s a shame that writing plays is much more difficult than writing standard fiction, however one day I’ll make the time to write something epic!

Until then, take a look at a couple I have written so far.


My head seems to be full of one story or another, there’s always something buzzing around. The beauty of short stories is that they allow for a quick blast of creativity without the months needed to write a novel. Take a look at some of mine here. You can read them online for free.

Random Work

White Boxes

White Boxes

It's a whole new world

It's not easy being gay. Well it can be, with practice and that's all Jake needs. Read his fun adventure here. After you buy the book of course, I'm not a charity.

Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

A little dark but mostly fun

This is a collection of short stories, each one showing you a fun way to break one of the Ten Commandments. A New Dawn is my favourite, which is yours? Answers on a postcard, or failing that you can use the contact link above.



Much to gory for most

This book is what happens when you trap someone on a desert island for a year. Yes it's dark, really, really dark and it's too much for all but the most avid horror reader. Enjoy.

Dante's Epic Quest

Some random pictures from my travels

Check out more of my pics at 500px.com


"If you buy my books I can stop stealing from the bins at the back of supermarkets. "

Dante Harker