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Hello, I’m Dante I’m sometimes a writer, sometimes a blogger/vlogger (to the right of this) sometimes a diving instructor and often a traveller, but mostly I’m just doing my best to fill my time with constructive things. It gets so messy when I don’t have things to do.

The Week Behind, Week in Front Vlog has three questions that I answer each week – one week as a vlog, the next as a blog: (Full explanation here)

  • What did I most enjoy about the week?
  • What did I least enjoy?
  • What are my aims/goals for the coming week?

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Latest Week Behind, Week in Front Blog – The written one (so every other week)

What did I most enjoy about the previous week?

This has been a pretty hectic week: we travelled from Istanbul to Buenos Aires, then to a rather grey place called Puerto Madryn.  When we got there, we changed our plans entirely!  Rather than keep heading south, we crossed the country, heading west, and we’re now in a stunning place called Bariloche.

It turns out that it would have cost us well over £1,000 to head down to see an iceberg and the world’s most southern town. We only have limited funds.  As far as ‘Bang for your Buck’ goes, spending that much on this one part of the trip struck us as pretty poor value.

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Stem the Decline (play not a story – of course)

DAVID, FRASER, and BARBARA sit around a large table, in an austere conference room. There is a PowerPoint presentation projecting on the wall behind them. It shows human population projections and a range of catastrophic facts. Below that are Tweets with suggestions about how to deal with the population explosion. It indicates that the year is 2017. The group looks tired and frustrated.

(DAVID raises his head off of his hands, looks at the Tweets and speaks.)


I cannot believe we have nothing, we’ve been at this for days. We’re presenting to the PM in an hour.


We’ll just have to cancel.


You want to cancel on the Prime Minister and tell him what?

(The room is quiet, they all look at the Tweets.)

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Check out my latest novel – Escape the Race – This Thailand based novel follower three 30-somethings as they take a ‘Career Break’ to teach English. This is a darkly funny story that’s well worth a read.

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Some of my novels


White Boxes

It's a whole new world

It's not easy being gay. Well it can be, with practice and that's all Jake needs. Read his fun adventure here. After you buy the book of course, I'm not a charity.


The Ten Commandments

A little dark but mostly fun

This is a collection of short stories, each one showing you a fun way to break one of the Ten Commandments. A New Dawn is my favourite, which is yours? Answers on a postcard, or failing that you can use the contact link above.



Much to gory for most

This book is what happens when you trap someone on a desert island for a year. Yes it's dark, really, really dark and it's too much for all but the most avid horror reader. Enjoy.

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